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Terrance Tan

Terence TAN


Swan & Maclaren Group


Terence Tan is a highly accomplished leader in the project lighting industry, with an impressive 30-year tenure.

Throughout his career, he has delivered outstanding results and spearheaded groundbreaking projects that have left a lasting impact in the region. Terence is renowned for his innovative thinking and unwavering dedication to transforming spaces through captivating lighting designs. He constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity and strives to introduce revolutionary concepts that redefine the industry.

Terence's commitment to sustainability is exemplary. He actively drives carbon neutral initiatives, aiming to create a greener future. With his expertise in project management, Terence ensures seamless execution and consistently exceeds expectations. His technical mastery of lighting systems and cutting-edge technologies enables him to create immersive environments that captivate audiences.

Communication is one of Terence's greatest strengths. He effortlessly forges strong partnerships with clients, architects, and stakeholders, resulting in remarkable outcomes. Terence is a problem-solving prodigy, adept at navigating complexities and providing ingenious solutions that ensure flawless project delivery.

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