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Holland Village is a distinctive lifestyle destination set amidst winding narrow lanes and low-rise shop houses. It has an urban village feel, distinguished by its laid-back daytime allure with a contrast to its magnetic dining scene at night. Being a place with extensive choices and an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants, Holland Village is a place for residents and visitors to mingle, socialise and interact.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) envisions an extension of Holland Village that will make it even more exciting. The Holland Village of the future will enjoy a fresh injection of life with more mixed-use developments. These new public spaces will further enhance the sense of place and community.

Holland Piazza is designed to create a node point which interacts with the corner junction by means of having a dynamic building form and interactive façade. The original shop house retail typology has been reinvented to form an open and fluid retail centre.

The overall concept of the planning of Holland Piazza are:

  • Envisioned as an open and lively node filled with diverse activities
  • High degree of visibility, porosity and accessibility encouraging interaction between those within different parts of the building and between those within and outside and beyond
  • Functional & efficient layout, that is responsive to the site
  • Extensive terraces that act like public platforms allowing for dynamic and diverse exchanges
  • Weave of terraces and spaces forms a mesh of built and open spaces, which, like a loose net laid on a forest, allows trees to penetrate and for every space to be filled with light and greenery
  • Encasing the massing is a unique façade designed to respond to its environments by displaying porosity, climate-related elements and serves as a visual communications
  • Sustainability architecture, that maximises eco-energy saving

  • These various elements fuse to form an organic interactive entity which blends seamlessly into the urban context.

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