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Ar Eugene Wong

Chief Operating Officer

Swan & Maclaren Group


Ar. Eugene Wong is the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Swan & Maclaren Group.

Eugene is responsible for driving operational integration and excellence across the Group’s business domains. He also oversees the Group’s M&A integration functions in strategic business procurement activities. Eugene joined Swan & Maclaren in June 2015 and has held various positions within the company.

Before becoming the Chief Operating Officer in 2023, Eugene served as the Group Director of the Group’s consultancy business. With his considerable business experience and expertise in corporate functional roles, he has led master planning and building development initiatives while providing oversight in strategic development activities.

Eugene is a Professional Architect and a lead consultant in the built environment. He is passionate about championing green buildings and raising awareness of their value and benefits. Prior to joining Swan & Maclaren, Eugene held several executive and management positions in P&T Architects, CTAP Architects, and a successful consultancy business that later merged with Swan & Maclaren.

Eugene holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He is currently registered as a Professional Architect in Singapore and Malaysia, highlighting his qualifications and expertise in the field.

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